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725 Tanzanite Drive
Dubuque, IA, 52001
United States



We are a home bakery specializing in cupcakes and cheesecakes in Dubuque, Iowa with a simple philosophy that frosted n' filled, made from scratch and baked fresh to order is best!



We are happy to be able to provide for your holiday, wedding, corporate event, family reunion, graduation, or just a big party!

How do I book an event?

Please use the form here to contact us regarding your event. 


Welcome to our weddings/events page. We ask all inquiring brides and grooms to use the wedding inquiries button above to get in touch with us about their wedding arrangements. We have so many inquiries and would not want to overlook anyone or miss a message so please do not call, text or use Facebook to contact us regarding your wedding. Thank you!

Our “save-the-date” wedding contract is now available online at the link below. If you are interested in booking with Frosted N’ Filled Bakery for your wedding, please print and mail the “save-the-date” contract along with your $100 deposit.

Click here for “save-the-date” contract. Thank you!

do you cater holiday events?

Yes, we are happy to cater holiday events and have lots of options to choose from!!! Big or small…..private or corporate. We will work with you to create a custom dessert option for all your guests. Use the button above to inquire about date availability and any other questions you might have. We look forward to working with you!

How far in advance do we need to book?

We reserve dates on a first come basis, so you should reserve your date as soon as possible.  You can find the "save the date" contract on the form above.  

Do you offer set up/delivery and rental of displays/stands?

Yes, we offer all three.  Our supply of displays/stands is always growing and we are happy to assist with creating your dream dessert offering.   Delivery and set up fee within the city of Dubuque is $50.  Contact us for pricing for farther distances.  Rental fee for displays and stands is $30.

What are your prices?

Our prices for events are the same as our regular menu prices.  In a nutshell they break down as follows:

2 bite cupcakes - 1.50 each          

Full size cupcakes - 2.50 each

Cheesecake bites - .60 each          


Cakes, cream puffs and full cheesecakes are the same as menu prices based on sizes. Minimum quantities required for pricing, inquire for more information.  

What are your prices per serving size?

That depends on what you choose to serve at your event?

For example, if you were to allow one two bite cupcake per guest it would be $1.50 per guest.  One regular full sized cupcake would be $2.50 per guest.  

A dessert table  of two bite cupcakes and cheesecake bites with a serving size per guest of one cupcake(1.50) and 3 cheesecake bites(1.50) would yield a serving size at $3 per guest.

Cheesecake bites alone and allowing 5-6 bites per guest would bring a $2.50 - $3 per guest.

Serving individual mini cheesecakes to each guest would be $3.50 per guest.  While serving cheesecake by the slice to each guest would be $2.85 per guest.  

The combinations are numerous and each event/wedding unique.  We can help with determining the best selection of desserts to fit your wedding style and budget.   


What flavors can I choose?

You can choose from any flavor we offer.  And we can also create any custom flavors as well as gluten free and vegan options.


Do you offer tastings?

Yes, we offer free tastings to anyone who has booked their wedding with us and returned their “save-the-date” wedding contract and $100 deposit. We can then begin the fun process of planning your sweet treats and sampling flavors that you and your guests will ultimately enjoy!

Our retail storefront is open several days a week and all of our sweet treats are available for purchase if you would prefer to sample before you save your date with a formal contract and deposit.


How do I determine serving sizes?

That is our most asked question and while we can provide some guidelines, ultimately the best determination will be based on your own personal preference and guests.

As we encouraged in the tastings question, it is very helpful if you sample your tasting as if you were a guest. Eat a 2 bite cupcake along with 3 cheesecake bites and see if you find that to be an ample dessert serving or do you find yourself wanting more?  Or try 5 bites and ask yourself the same question?  

Some other helpful things to consider:

Dessert buffets/tables where guests help themselves tend to require a larger serving size per guest.  When dessert is served to guests at the table via platters, serving sizes tend to be smaller.  

All of our cupcakes are filled!  This makes for a very "filling" dessert offering and something to consider when determining serving sizes:) 

Serving cheesecake at your wedding/event: 

Cheesecake is best served and enjoyed at room temp for no longer than 20 to 40 minutes.  This means that we will have your dessert table set up and prepped but will not be there to set our or serve your cheesecake within that 20 to 40 minute window.  You will need to make arrangements for your cheesecake to be set out within that small time window.  For example, cheesecake bites will become too soft and may stick to the tray or slide off their sticks if left out longer than 20 or 30 minutes before enjoying.  

Unlike a traaditional wedding cake or cupcakes, your cheesecake will need to be refrigerated prior to serving so arrangements should be made for  refrigerator space.  In addition, cheesecake bites will be brought plated and on their serving platters which typically hold 25 bites per platter.  A wedding of 300 bites might have 12 platters so ample fridge space should be arranged.