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725 Tanzanite Drive
Dubuque, IA, 52001
United States



We are a home bakery specializing in cupcakes and cheesecakes in Dubuque, Iowa with a simple philosophy that frosted n' filled, made from scratch and baked fresh to order is best!


About Us

Our home bakery is a new and exciting endeavor for someone who LOVES to bake, create, and share decadent, delicious treats.


Our  bakery began as a home bakery and  is still an exciting endeavor by someone who LOVES to bake, create, and share decadent, delicious treats.

On April 5th, 2018, we were excited to open our new storefront at 1072 Locust in Dubuque.

Just shy of one year later, we realized that we’d outgrown our Locust St. storefront and we began renovation on the retail space adjacent to our commercial kitchen at 3359 Jackson St. On March 7th, 2019, we opened the doors and are loving our new northend home and being right next to our kitchen!

 At the center of our menu you will find all things cupcakes and cheesecakes.  

Be on the look-out for an ever evolving bakery experience though as we embark on new and exciting treats to bring you.   

All made from scratch, no boxes here, and baked fresh to order.  In addition, we offer both vegan and gluten free cupcakes.  Whenever possible we refrain from using food dyes, instead we color naturally with things like spinach, beet, and fruit purees.  

And most importantly, our extra large gourmet cupcakes, are all generously frosted and filled.  


Craving something special? And you don't see it on our menu..... just ask!