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725 Tanzanite Drive
Dubuque, IA, 52001
United States



We are a home bakery specializing in cupcakes and cheesecakes in Dubuque, Iowa with a simple philosophy that frosted n' filled, made from scratch and baked fresh to order is best!

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Find answers to all your questions here.


What are your cupcake prices?      You can see a complete list of prices here.

How long can I keep your cupcakes fresh?    Our cupcakes are all made from scratch and so the lack of preservatives requires some different care.  Our cupcakes will stay fresh for several days.  They should remain covered and can be stored on a kitchen counter or pantry unless your home is warmer than 72 degrees. Store in an airtight container, in the bakery box or plastic wrap the box.   Refrigerating can add extra preservation.    That being said, some frostings and fillings require refrigeration.  If in doubt, just ask us! 

What size are your cupcakes?    Our cupcakes are "extra large".  They are between a standard and jumbo size cupcake.  We've experimented with several sizes and find the ratio of cake to filling to buttercream is best with this size.  In addition, we offer a '2 Bite Temptation' size that is about half the size of our regular cupcake and just right for a smaller craving!

Are your cupcakes allergen free?    We are not dairy or nut free.  We use oils, soy, dairy, and a variety of nuts.  While sanitation is a top priority, we cannot ensure an allergen free environment.

Do you offer gluten free or vegan cupcakes?     YES, we offer gluten free  and vegan cupcake options.  Visit our specific vegan/gluten free page for a full list.  

Do you offer nutritional information for your cupcakes?    Yes, they're sweet and satisfying and that's all we need to know ;) All of our cupcakes, cheesecakes, frostings, and fillings are made from scratch (no boxes here) and we try whenever possible to be artificial food dye and high fructose corn syrup free!!!

Do you sell anything other than cupcakes?   Yes, we do!  We sell cheesecake, cream puffs, and cheesecake truffles and bites. 

Do you deliver?    Yes, arrangements can be made for delivery.

Do you offer specials or deals?   Check our Facebook page.

How much notice do you need for an order?   We require a week notice for all special orders.  Please see our 'prices' page for even more details.

Are all cupcake flavors available everyday?   On the days our shop is open (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) we post our weeks flavors on our Frosted N' Filled facebook page.  For special orders, any flavor can be requested.  

Do you ship your cupcakes?   No, we do not ship.

How do I place an order?  You can order online. Click the button below:

What if I have another question not listed here?  Just ask.  We'd love to hear from you.